GOOD SHOPPING TIPS at fashionsuzy.com

1. Change your account state : If you are not wholesalers but want to get more discount as if you were a wholesaler, you can do this. Firstly let us know your ID, then we will change your ID state to be wholesaler's, whose condition is $300, 15% as a formal. In this case, whenever you place an order over $300, you can get 15% discount rate. It is very profitable !!

2. Events : we make out variety of events, which are GIFT, discount etc.

3. the way of Retry to pay : some customers took long time to choose many items and tried to order them. But, it failed sometimes with unknown reason. In that case, don't be frustrated. Just go to your MY ORDERS at the top. And click you order. Then, at the bottom of page, you can see PAYPAL or MONEYBOOKER button. Through one of them, you will try to pay for that again.

4. the MORE the BETTER : the more it weigh, the less its shipping cost goes up. It means over 3-4 items or more purchase is more beneficial than 1-2 units purchace.

5. Limited stocks : fast fashion is present trend. And makers supply small amount thesedays cuz of this trend. So, we also have small stocks. If you want to buy any item, you'd better put it into shopping bag prior to any other customers.